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Since very beginning Godula Moto Sport Company bundles with preparing cars for sport.

The passion of its owner ing. Andrzej Godula became the way of his life.

Thanks to its engagement and many years experience Godula Moto Sport Company prepares engines for all the leaderhead of competitors starting in racing championships of Paland and abroad.

Since 1996 our company ensures all-season rally service.

Taking advantage on over 30 year experience and uncountable successes, we open new division - KITCAR.

KITCAR - means ready to montage set (kit) of the complete car.

Mostly theese are cars made by elements provided by producer.

Such cars appear mostly as replicas of famous cars as Lotus Super Seven, Cobra, and as completely new original constructions.

The most popular are kits of expensive, luxury brands as Ferrari or Lamborghini.

Differences between original and replica is unmarkable.

The idea of kitcar is possibility of self-buliding of a car - such Lego blocks for adults.

For us there are no impossible things.

Our main task is to build super fast and light cars basing mostly on ready kits.

If you need a car for everyday drive, which could distinguish among others and would have perfect traction valors.

Are you looking for a car that would fist the road as it would be pasted to it?

Are you looking for a car builded for specilal order, fitted to your demands? - you made a good choice. We know this thema.

We use the most modern technologies, checked and tested in car sport in entire world.

We cooperate with best motorisation companies, and our products are tested on most precissive devices and by technical highscholes.

Building of a car demands much knowledge and experience, the money iss not enough.

The most important thing is that the car would be adapted to user's body size and weight. The car's mass should be proportionally divided, and we cannot forget for which purposes the car is designed.

The costs I leave for the end, because in Godula Moto Sport Company the most importanat is satisfaction of our Customer.

The same, as there is no limit for the car of your dreams, there are no financial limits.

The price depends on individual order and everytime is an individual thing.

For us the most importanat thing is for what the car should be designed, the rest is only formality.

We invite you to our company everyone whos interested in our offer, or write the mail with your question:


Godula Moto Sport
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