TESTS OF THE CAR ON A CHASSIS TESTBENCH!!!

We offer LPG systems of the 4th generation - as the only one appropriate for modern egines of the new cars.
Actually we offer installations of two well known producers:
• Stag

Landirenzo installations are one of the best quality of all the word.
We mont them since several years and know their efficiency and the fact that they do not need to be often tuned.
They are cheap in exploatation, and what is most importanat there is no problem with elements.
The installation of Landi Renzo Omegas as one of not many companies has possibility to adjust it precissively on a chassis testbench.

The programme of the ECU of this installation is provided in multidimensional maps enableing precissive adjusting of fuel portions regarding such parameters

as rounds per minute, loadings, temperature, etc. This causes that installation.

All this things cause that installation is very efficient, characterise with low fuel intake and do not decrease the power of the car as by other LPG systems.

The brand Stag we have chosen as the only reasonable choice among many of other brands.

Only by us you can get the graph of the engine's characteristics parameters before and after installation of LPG.

Attention: We guarantee that we supply our installations basing only on original components!

We do not do any simplyfied solutions decreasing sagificantly the quality of the installation.

If you are interested in theory of the LPG systems - click here >>

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