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Godula Moto Sport is one of the oldest and most qualified tuning company in Poland. Its name origins from the name of its builder and owner, constructor and a rally driver – ing.  Andrzej Godula. Together with the service and car tuning work, Andrzej Godula developes two greats passions of his life – engines and rally competitions. 

Already in the studies time he got the licence of a rally driver. Soon after this he obtained a racing licence. He prepared on his own cars for the championships, introducing in its constructions authorisied modifications.

Collecting new experiences, he lends his customers his service, offering them tuning services even in the beginning of the ‘80-ies, when for the average car-user the word “tuning” used to sound like no-meaning word.
The profesionalistic attitude of Andrzej Godula did not permit him for doing anything with the car’s engine without the scientifical knowledge and experience.

Already in the 1980 he provided his workshop in the SCHENCK engine testbed, anableing making all the engine's work parameters measuring.
Parallely he keeps the stable contact with many technincal highschools and universities. Constantly gathering experiences together with the scientifical basics and knowledge brings the significant effects.

The engines tuned by GODULA MOTO SPORT company power all the leaders of the Polish Racing Championships cars.
Andrzej Godula can demonstrate with hundrets won racing championships and twenty Master of Poland titles in racing championships as well.
The Company GODULA MOTO SPORT evaluates due to the motorisation development, improving the newest constructions. Together with car's engine steering computer (ECU) introduction to the market there came the time also for electronical tuning method (chiptuning).

This element distinguishes GODULA MOTO SPORT among other polish tuning companies. By Godula's offer is possible to make the complete tuning, together with all of the elements of the contemporary engines including the petrol engines, diesel engines and the LPG fuel provided as well.

Godula Moto Sport disposes of two Schenck engine testbeds, and one engine testbed HOFMAN DYNATEST 300, complete mashine park for the raw mechanical activity, poses full hardware and software for modifications of the steering computers (ECU) and the emulators of the real-time tests. Every customer of  GODULA MOTO SPORT, after his car was tunned gets the POWER CERTIFICATE with the complete power and torque moment drawings before and after tuning, regarding the rounds per minute and current speed .

Concerning such a wide range of offered serwices it was necessary to divide the firma for the high specialised divisions:

Mechanical division - dealing with the mechanical services of the engines' elements and the mechanical tuning of the whole power units.Electronical division - working on the improving of the electronical control units steering with the fuel intake.Research and Development division

- where the newest and the most modern ideas are born. In this division there was invented the digital module of the 3rd generation designed for the cars with turbocharged engines both diesel and petrol. For the real passionates of the engine-power our firma's proposal is the Extreme tuning, which is the supercharger, turbocharger and the Nitro Oxide System (NOS.)

Apart from the tuning services Andrzej Godula offers engine testbeds of his own construction for cars, ATV (quads), and motorbikes.

The Company offers as well full range of sport services, completly preparing  cars for the start seson and the repairing services during the competition.

From this kind of services profited allready such a Champions like: Janusz Kulig, Leszek Kuzaj. The company keeps  constant cooperation with Mateusz Lisowski - the racing Champion of Poland in the H-3500 class, preparing his car Seat Leon Supercopa for championships and attending during it. Also many well-known persons from the artistic word like the lider of the Polish rock group - Budka Suflera - Krzysztof Cugowski, are our customers.GODULA MOTO SPORT  cooperates also with many companies abroad and in our countryand with many technical schools and univerities. One of the achievments of this cooperation was building the prototype-engine M4+2, which obtained the gold reward on the Eurek Exhibition of Invention in  2002.Being the customer of GODULA MOTO SPORT you obtain the service of the highest quality as an effect of fusion of many years experience with scientifical knowledge supported with outcome of the researches using the most modern technology.

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