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Sportive gas installations

Approaching expectations of our customers, who wish to drive cheap and dynamic we started montage of sportive LPG instalations.Sportive inastalation is a 4th generation instalation, which can be tuned this way that we achieve the same or even better parameters as by normal petrol fuel.

Nowadays this instalations are the only constructive solution by feeding modern cars with LPG, together with turbocharged cars, who's owner wish to see fiew extra horsepower.Description of certain generations of the LPG systems:

I generation: are the mixer instalations predicted for carburateur cars, steered with sucktion from sucking collector.

II generation instalations are also mikser ones predicted for cars with iniection, steered with simple electronics.

Basical weakness of both this instalations is necessarity of implementing mixer and lack of possibility of precissive fuel providing.

Decreasing of diameter of intake channel caused by mikser implementing will rise withstand of intake, what impacts on great looses of engines power.

How much can we loose monting such installation describes followinggraph of BMW – LPG.

The next feature of this installation.

to be continued...

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