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Job for profesionals and passionates

The Godula Moto Sport company exists already since 30 years and within this time by us have worked

already many talented people.
Nowadays the company had broadening its activity and we have opened some new divisions as extremal

tuning or production of replicas.
That is why we are searching for employees but not that kind who start job at 7 am and finish at 15

pm, and after that time they forget about it. On my own I am passionate man and only such people may

work with me. I promise interesting problems, much adrenaline and family atmosphere.

Description of job stands:

Car service manager:
Requiered organisation skills and rich motorisation knowledge
Main task is to maintain aervices of this division on the highest level.

Marketing and Advertising Specialist
Demanded general motorisation knowledge, foreign and polish languages knowledge, ability of easy

contact and relations with other people.

Iron worker with ability of lathe and milling-machine service.
Job on this position concerns making car replicas, production of testbenches. Some of the jobs  we

make basing on our own ideas, in some we follow technical graphs.

Electronictian programmer

I give the idea of device, which is to realise in the next step. Mostle theese are unical solutions

which we have to project and build. It is necessary to know electronics and basics of programming,

and the inteligence is also very important. If somebody has this last feature – he can try with us

and he can learn everything.

Car mechanic
By this expression I understand somebody who can repair with the same joy gearbox of Fiat 126 p and

sports Porshe. And if he doesn't know something – he will take a look into literature and will learn

fast what's necessary.

I do not mean abou the „elements changer” but a man who feels raw material and he knows how to make

new elements. The job concerns renovation of old models and production of new ones.

If anybody feels that he can deal with it – I invite you. Age, sex, nationality not important.

I obeyed the case of payment because I think that its necessary to show what you can and than speak

about the money. I can appreciate a good worker and surely he will not have to go to abroad to live

comfortably and earn good money.

Andrzej Godula

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