Mechanical tuning


Mechanical tuning

Our Company deals since over 30 years with complex tuning of car engines.

Our offer concerns preparing of the whole engines and making changes of the elements due to the customers' or our own projects.

Complex preparing of the engines concerns:

• road trials,

• dismontage of the engine,

• checking car on a testbench SCHENCK,

• modifications of the engine,

• engines regulation on a testbench,

• montage of the engine into the car,

• road trials after tuning.

During tuning we modificate cylinderheads, cumshafts, intake systems and exhaust systems, ECU's of the iniection systems. For tuning purposes the best are the engines over 10-30 thousands kilometers.
We specialise in engines of FIAT family, VW but for special orders we prepare also engines of other brands.

Modifications of the engines elements:

Regarding great amount of engines elements to modificate we indicate here only those basic ones:

Cylinder head

• widening of the valve's nests,

• changing shape of valve's fences

• making valves,

• increasing of pressure level

• widening of intake and exhaust channels.


• changing of the shape due to increasing in durability and enshaping to cylinderhead and valves,

• trimming,

Crank – pistons system:

• changing of the shape due to decreasing in weight and increasing durability,

• static and dynamic trimming ,

• polishing.

Sucking collectors

• widening of the channels,

• enshaping to the cylinderhead,

Timing gear

• making of dividided wheels of timing-gear enableing procisive regulations of timing-gear.

Prices to discuss, depending on the version and size of the service.